Costal Weathering and Erosion

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  • Costal Weathering and Erosion
    • Weathering is the breakdown of rocks where they are.
    • Hydraulic action occurs when the force of the water is so strong it breaks off the particles of the rocks.
    • Corrasion is where the rocks scrape against the edges of the rivers causing the rocks to breakdown.
    • Corrosion is where the riverwater dissolves the rocks
    • Attrition is where the rocks bang into each other and break up into smaller fragments.
    • Waves that carry out these erosional processes are called destructive waves.
      • They have a very high frequency
      • Are high and steep
      • Thier backwash is more powerful than their swash; this means that the waves takes in materials from the coats.
      • Wind makes more powerful waves that can be more destructive.
      • Fetch - the greater the fetch, the bigger and more powerful the wave.


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