Geography: The UK's Climate

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    • What impacts the UK's climate?
      • latitude affects the concentration of the sun
      • the north atlantic current
      • the mass of the air which brings the UK its weather
      • the wind from the south west
    • what are the possible changes to the climate?
      • an average temp rise
      • less predictable rainfall patterns
      • changing the seasons
    • why will the changes happen?
      • the north atlantic current will move
      • more air masses from the north
      • path of rain will be changed from wind and ocean currents
    • economic impacts
      • damage to cities from flooding
      • warmer weather means different crops can be grown
      • hotter summers mean more holidays spent here
      • cost of protection from flooding is expensive
    • environmental impacts
      • sea levels rising means loss of costal land and more erosion
      • severe storms
      • drought
      • ecosystem changes
      • warmth encourages disease


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