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In 1833 Wilberforce's efforts were finally rewarded when the Abolition of Slavery Act was passed.
Wilberforce, on his deathbed, was informed of the passing of the Act in the nick of time. The main terms
of the Act were:
· all slaves under the age of six were to be…

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even within those categoriessuccessful, upperclass whites who owned thriving plantations and numerous
slaves were considered superior to white servants, day laborers, and even independent farmers. Socially,
free nonwhitesa group that originated from miscegenation between European masters and African
slavesranked below even the poor whites, but many, especially those who had…

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The death of Mr. Cosway and the emancipation of the slaves in 1838 have led to the ruin of the family
plantation. The local blacks, now free, jeer at the widowed Mrs. Cosway as she becomes increasingly
poor and shabby her daughter, Antoinette, is similarly mocked and called a "white…


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