Conservative Government Between 1900 and 1906

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  • Conservatives between 1900 and 1906
    • Khaki Election 1900
      • This was the election that took place during the Boer War and the Conservatives won because they belived we would win the war.
      • The conservatives got 402 votes. The Liberals got 183 votes. The Labour Party got 2 votes and the Irish Nationalists got 82.
    • Reforms & Acts they passed
      • Taff Vale Judgment: The union on strike must pay compemsation for loss madde during the strike
      • Education Act 1902: Primary education became free; thelocal council (rate payers) had to pay.
      • Defence reform changes 1903: Government got rid of the general commander and replaced him with general staff ( a group of MP's)
      • Unemployed workmens act 1903: Buisnesses were given money to employ more workers.
      • Defence againt Chinese slavery 1904: After the Boer War Britain sent Chinese workers to south Africa as they were cheaper to employ.
      • Licensing act 1904: only a certain amount of pubs on one street were allowed to hold a license and the rest had to close. The ones that were forced to close got compensation.
      • Tarriff Reform Legue 1903: Import duty tax was introduced, making british goods more expenxive to buy but still cheaper than imported goods. This caused the Conservative party to split because of their divided opinions.


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