Liberal Landslide Victory


Strengths of the Liberals

Exploited the weaknesses of the conservative government (eg. Tariff reform; Liberal Two loaf campaign).

They overcame their divsions with Ireland, and decided to become a Unionist party.

Gained support from Non-conformists and the working class by supporting them.

Made deal with the Labour Party (Lib-Lab pact). This meant the Liberals and Labour would not stand against each other in 30 constituencies, so it wouldn't spilt the vote. This gave the Liberals more chance of beating the Conservative.

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1906 election results

In the 1900 election the Liberals won 183 seats, the Conservatives won 402 seats.

However in the 1906 election the Liberals won 397 votes and the conservatives won 156 election.

The parties basically swapped votes.

Henry Campbell-Bannerman became the first Liberal Prime Minister.

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