practice questions paper 2 human- globalisation, regeneration, migration and superpowers

Human Geography- A2 Practice Questions




State an example of a composite index using development (1)


Explain why one political factor and one social factor might cause some countries to be ‘switched off’ from globalization’ (4)


Explain how levels of globalization can be measured using different indicators and indices (6)


Assess the role of trade blocs in contributing to the growth of both the global economy and national economies. (12)


Explain two national government policies that have assisted economic growth in some countries. (4)


Explain why the global shift in manufacturing and services has made some people ‘losers’ (6)


Assess the impacts of rural-urban migration on the wellbeing of people in cities in developing countries. (12)


Explain one reason why the global shift of industry has had negative impacts on some people in the developed world. (4)


Assess the view that globalization inevitably damages the physical environment (12)


Explain two ways in which TNCS promote globalization. (4)


Assess the role players by TNCS in the globalization process. (12)


Explain the process of cultural diffusion. (4)


Assess the contribution of globalization to cultural diffusion. (12)



Explain how national government encourage FDI in their economies. (4)


Explain why some emerging economies have experienced major environmental problems as a result of the global shift. (6)


Explain why globalization has caused change to built environments in economically emerging countries (4)


Explain why it might be considered unethical to buy consumer products made in developing countries (6)


Explain how globalization may change cultural identity (4)


Asses the social and economic problems caused by the rapid growth of megacities (12)






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