4.3.2 - The Internet - Connecting to the Internet

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  • Connecting to the Internet
    • Mobile
      • Advantages
        • Available anywhere with mobile signal
        • Can research things immediately - whilst you remember!
        • Can immediately respond to emails without being at home or in the office
      • Disadvantages
        • High speed 3G access is focused on towns and cities
          • HSDPA (High Speed Data Packet Access) is less common
          • Some people may be restricted to GPRS or EDGE
            • This is enough to make a phone call but is really slow
        • Some areas may have no or a patchy service
        • It may become difficult to 'escape' work
        • Mobile contracts may make accessing the internet expensive
        • Greater risk of being hacked
      • Internet provided through the mobile network
        • Majority of the country has 3G (similar to Broadband)
      • Internet, websites & emails are accessible also many popular websites are optimised for mobile use
      • Computers can be connected with mobile internet with the use of a dongle
        • All internet features are available to computers using a dongle
    • Dial Up
      • A modem converts the computer's digital signal into analogue for sending down the telephone line and converts incoming analogue into digital signals for the comptuer
      • Advantages
        • It is available from all standard telephone lines
      • Disadvantages
        • Speed: The dial up connection is very slow meaning webpages load slowly and it's almost impossible to stream TV
    • Broadband
      • Is available to users within 5km of a telephone exchange
      • It uses the higher available bandwidth in a standard telephone line
        • Broadband is 20-200x faster than dial up
      • Uses fully digital signals to allow online TV streaming and faster file transfer downloads
      • Advantages
        • TV streaming and ability to download multimedia files quickly
        • Telephone can be used whilst on the internet
        • Can play real time games against other computer users
        • Video conferencing calls can be made
        • Many people can use the same internet connection at the same time
        • Always connected if the router is connected
      • Disadvantages
        • Higher monthly subscription
        • Limited geographical availability


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