Wireless Networking

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Wireless Networking

Wireless networks enable people to connect to the Internet or to a LAN wirelessly.

To set up a wireless network you would need:

  • a broadband connection to the internet
  • a router
  • WIFI enable computer
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How Wi-Fi Works

1. The router is connected to the internet with the broadband connection

2. The router recieves data from the internet

3. It transmits the data as a radio signal using an antenna

4. A computers wireless adapter picks up the signal and turns the radio signal into data that the computer understands


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Advantages of Wireless Networks

  • allows inexpensive LANs to be set up without cables
  • allows people the freedom of working where they wish as long as signal can be recieved
  • ideal for old listing buildings who cannot install cables
  • global set of standards - you can use Wi-Fi all over the world
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Disadvantages of Wireless Networks

  • Power consumption is high - laptops exhaust battery quicker
  • Health problems
  • Security problems - even when encryption is used
  • Very limited range
  • Can get interference if wireless signals start to overlap
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