internet, intranet and extranet

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Internet, intranet and extranet
Internet- characteristics
Not the same as world wide web, it's the infrastructure that connects
computers together across the globe
Uses TCP/IP protocols for communicating between devices
It's an open network
Internet- what makes it work
ISP (internet service provider) allows everyday users connectivity through:
Telephone line using a modem
Dedicated line for business
Mobile network
Satellite networks
Internet- who owns it?
Telecom companies provide backbones to own the equipment that allows
communication to work
Under sea equipment
Internet what does it do?
Content providers are the reason people use the internet
Video services
Telephone services
Internet purpose
Gives user access to:
Email- requires a dedicated email client application to send and receive
emails. Emails can be purely based on a web service.
File transfer- standard file protocol called a file transfer protocol (FTP)
is used to upload and download files from an online server. There are
dedicated web services that offer file storage between computers. These
have a dedicated application on the computer to allow file transfers to take
Real time chat- instant messaging application is needed for this service.
Mainly text based but some applications use web cam too.

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HTTP protocol being used for standard web pages. Most browser
applications also allow extensions to be installed within the browser which
allows multi-media content to be viewed.
video and audio streaming- music and films are streamed directly from the
internet for instant viewing. Streaming means the content isn't stored, it
plays and then it's gone.…read more

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Risk of hacking into intranet due to connection being via intranet connected
PC's…read more


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