Conjugal roles, power and emotion work...

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  • Conjugal roles, power and emotion work...
    • Power and decision making
      • Hardill et al. (1997) - power in dual earner houeholds.
        • Husband's carrer came first, family came second.
      • Men did the decision making.
    • Power and money
      • Power = control over how money is spent and used.
      • Low income households equal relationship.
      • Laurie and gershuny - equality was more likely to occur when woimen have higher earnings, but men still have more economic power.
    • Conjugal roles and emotional work
      • Emotional work involves the emotional happiness and wellbeing of others
      • It includes complementing other people, etc.
      • Duncombe and Marsden - women perform triple shift: housework, paidwork and emotional work.
    • Lesbian households
      • Gillian Dunne (1999) - Childcare is equal as well as household tasks
      • Masculine and feminine roles in society tend to lead to hierarchical relationships with male dominance.
        • Gender roles have greater and are much easier to achieve under these conditions.
      • Most womenare still far from achieving equality in marriage in Britain today.
      • Women still do the majority of the housework, are still mainly responsible for childcare and has less leisure time than their partners.
      • Evidence to show change over time in terms of hours spent on work and other differences are no longer as great.


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