Sociology Unit 1- Couples.

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Sociologists disagree as to whether couples are becoming more equal.
Parsons argues that there is a clear division of labour between spouses, the husband having the instrumental role; being the breadwinner and the wife having the expressive role; meeting the family's needs. Like Parsons, Bott distinguishes between two types of conjugal roles the segregated conjugal roles; where the couple has sperate roles and also, adds the joint conjugal role; where the couple share tasks e.g. housework.
Functionalists and the New Right argue for the necessity of segreated conjugal roles based on biological differences between sexes.
However, "march of progress" sociologists- Young and Wilmott argue that the family is becoming more symmetrical, with joint conjugal roles- where the husbands and wifes roles are becoming more similar. This is due to social changes such as, changes in womens positions, geographical mobility, new technology and new technology.
Femists disagree, such as, Oakley arguing that the housewife role is still the womens primary role. They also argue that men's contribution remains


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