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  • Conformity
    • What is conformity?
      • Conformity is when you adopt the behaviour of others
        • Compliance
          • Where you conform so others will like you.
            • Your internal beliefs don't change, but your external behaviour does.
        • Internalisation
          • Where you conform because you agree with the views.
            • Your internal views match your external behaviour.
    • Asch(1956)
      • Method
        • 123 male volunteers taking part in a 'vision' test
      • Showed?
        • 76%- conformed at least once
        • 24%- NEVER conformed
        • 37% of the 1476 trials were conformed in
      • Variations
        • Partner= Conformity drops to 5%
        • Private response= conformity drops to 12%
      • Evaluation
        • Lab study
          • Was it realistic?
          • Did it have ecological validity?
        • Baron et al.
          • The Asch study was meaningless and not important int he real world.
        • Perrin and Spencer
          • Repeated the study, but had difficulty getting the same results.
        • Individual differences
          • Eagly and Carli
            • They found that women are more compliant than men.


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