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  • Conformity
    • Asch
      • High internal validity
        • Low Populational and external validity
      • 50 Male Uni Students
        • Participants took part on own
          • led to believe that 7 confederates were were other participants
          • Told to judge which line matched The standard line
            • Higher in task difficulty= Higher conformity
            • Corret answer was originall
        • 37% of participants conformed on all critical trials
          • 74% participants conformed to at least 1 trial
      • Wanted to see if participants would conform to majority even if they knew it was wrong
        • Due to Cognitive Dissonance
    • Types
      • Compliance
        • Lowest level of conformity
          • Changes public behaviour not private
            • Short term
        • NSI
      • Identification
        • Middle level of conformity
          • Person changes external and internal beliefs but only while in presence of group
            • Short term
        • NSI
      • Internalisation
        • Deepest level of conformity
          • Changes internal and private beliefs
            • Long term
        • ISI


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