Conception,Birth and Infancy(0-2 years) cont...(3)

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  • Conception, Birth and Infancy(0-2 Years)cont...
    • Emotional Development
      • Supported by a constant caregiver.Provides a firm feeling of stability and attatchment
      • Bond-(first 6 months): The binding love a parent may feel for their child.Emotional connection
        • Attachment- (7-12 months): The bonding process between an infant or child and its carer
      • Understanding our own feelings/Learing to express them
      • Examples:Cuddles/Smiling/Wiggling/Laughs when enjoying activities/Able to express their feelings
    • Social Development(2 years)
      • Solitary Play
        • Playing alone,not able to think about others.Learning through exploring the surroundings
      • Parallel play
        • Play alongside others(Near them but not playing with them)The process of being able to share starts to develop.Leaning by imitating others
    • Why is social and emotional development sometimes considered together?
      • In terms of developing relationships, lots of emotions are involved.
    • Egocentric- Where they only think the world only evolves around them


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