OCR Computer 1.1 Systems Architecture

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  • Computer Science 1.1
    • CPU
      • Brains of the Computer
        • The CPU architeure describes the main components of the CPU,how they interact with each other,and with other parts of the computer system. Von Neumann and Harvard are two main types of architecture
      • Processes all of the data and instructions that make the system work
      • Processing power of CPU depends on Clock speed,number of cores and cache size
    • Common CPU Components
      • ALU does calculations. It performs logic operations such as AND,OR,NOT and binary shifts.It contains the acculmator register
      • The cache is fast memory in the CPU.Stores regularly uses data so that the CPU can access it quickly the next time is needed.Low capacity and expensive to RAM.Cache levels: L1 fast low capacity,L2 slower hold more. L3 Slowest holds the most
      • Control unit is in overall control of the CPU.Its main job is to execute program instructions by following FDE cycle.It controls flow data in CPU and outside the CPU


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