ICT (ocr) Paper 1

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The part of the computer you can touch: Keyboard, Mouse, Monitor, even a hard drive is hardware.

This means the programs that run a computer: An operating system (OS), is the software that controls the whole of the computer, and application software are things like word processors, spreadsheets, games etc.

Flight Simulators
Flight simulators are used to train future pilots , advantages of using a simulator are, its not as expensive, and nobody gets hurt, however its not the real thing so pilots cannot prepare for everything.

Homeworking or Teleworking 
In the exam you could be asked to give advantages and or disadvantages to this, the exam board could use either word but both mean the same.

Advantages are, Dont have to travel to and from work everyday, you can choose your own hours , more time for family and you can communicate with people on the other side of the world without the need to travel.



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