Computer legislation 2

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  • Computer legislation
    • Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988
      • CDPA is to protect intellectual property - anything someone has created
      • Copyright covers written or recorded content
      • Makes it illegal to share copyrighted files without the owners permission
      • Patents cover new inventions - they protect ideas and concepts
      • The internet has made it harder to protect copyrighted content due to the ease of file sharing
      • Illegal file sharing takes place over peer-to-peer networks and cloud-based file-hosting websites
    • Creative Commons license
      • CC licences allow you to legally share media and software online
      • 4 types of CC
        • Attribution
          • Work can be shared, copied or modified but the copyright holder has to be credited
        • Share-alike
          • Modified works can only be distributed with the same license as the original
        • Non-commercial
          • Nobody can use the copyrighted work for profit
        • No derivative works
          • The work can be copied and distributed, but cannot be built upon


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