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Computer Growth

  • The 1980s was when people slowly started using PCs
  • During the 1990s was the time when people used 3 to 4 computers at once to search the web for example they used one for 
  • Looking at the Web page
  • To retrieve web pages
  • And more to pass information over the internet

Nowadays however we use one computer that most of the time does the work of 20 or more different computers

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The World and Computers

  • Robots can do jobs such as Accountants, Legal Referres and cleaners which are aleady being replaced for humans
  • The UK has lost arounf 30,000 jobs in the legal profession due to this and its estimated by 2018 that there will be 35million robots at work
  • There are around 165,000 healthcare apps for smartphones
  •  By 2017 they will have be downloaded an estimated total of 1.7 billion times.
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Advantages of Clothing Stores 

  • Customers can try on clothes, shoes, etc. and check the fit and feel of the item 
  • They have the item to wear the same night

Disadvantages of Clothing Stores

  • Employees spend time restocking shelves, so less time to attend to customers  
  • It is hard to predict which items will sell and which will have to be marked down at the end of the season
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Privacy Issues AND Data Collection

  • Every time you log on to a web site, data about your visit may be collected and stored  
  • Every time you use your phone to make a call, data about the number you called, the time and date you called, and the duration of your call, may be collected and stored.
  • Governments and security organisations collect billions of records each month containing metadata about every electronic communication made by its citizens
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Small files called cookies are used by commercial organisations:

  • to recognise your computer when you visit the website 
  • to personalise the website for you, including targeting advertisements which may be of particular interest to you
  • to track you as you navigate the website,and to enable e-commerce facilities 
  • to improve the website's usability 
  • to analyse the use of the website  
  • in the administration of the website
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Legislation and Privacy

•The Data Protection Act 1998 •Computer Misuse Act 1990 •Copyright Designs and Patents Act 1988 •Creative Commons Licence •Freedom of Information Act 2000

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