1.8 Legal and Ethical issues


What is a stake holder: 

Someone who is involved with the issue or problem or company in question. 

What is a moral:

Behaving in a way that someone would consider correct and honest. 

What does ethical mean:

The accordance of principles of conduct that are considered correct, especially those of a given profession.

Environmental impacts:


Uses energy to function, when they are disposed of they are often disposed of badly.


Improved and helped manufacturing, engineering, surgery, medicine etc...


Is discarded eletronical devices or parts of the devices such as CPUs that can contain potentially harmful parts that affect the environment or people and animals. 


Different countries have different views on things for example: 

languages, character sets, colours, use of social media. 

Legal issues: 

Need to know these acts and legislation:

  • Data protection act 1998
  • Computer misuse act 1990 
  • Copyright designs and patents act 1988
  • Creative commons licensing
  • Freedom of information act 2000
  • GDPR (DPA)

Computer misuse act 1990:

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