solicitors- training and role

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  • solicitors
    • the law society
      • an organisation that represents solicitors
      • the function is now overseen by the office of legal complaints
      • deals with complaints against solicitors
    • solicitors regulation authority
      • is responsible for regulating the soliciting profession
      • this includes setting down education, training and qualification requirements and rules under which the solicitors have to follow
    • training
      • a levels
        • law degree
          • law practice course (1 year)
            • 2 year training period
              • qualified as a solicitor
      • a levels
        • degree in another subject
          • common professional examination (1 year)
            • legal practice course (1 year full time or 2 years part time)
              • 2 year training period
                • qualified as solicitor
      • 4 GCSE'S
        • institute of legal executives part 1+2 exams
          • work for 2 years in solicitors office
            • be admitted as a fellow of legal institute of legal executives (must be aged 25 and have worked for 5 years in a solicitors office)
              • legal practice course ( 1 year or 2 year part time)
                • or
                  • 2 year training period and pass final exam
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Smith E


Another good diagram, specifically on solicitors and legal executives (a sometimes overlooked aspect of the profession). The material on the law society can be expanded upon, which is an advantage in a sense, because it creates another revision exercise. 

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