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Making Complaints…read more

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What Can You Complain About?
· Misleading the court
· Failing to keep information confidential
· Dropping a case at short notice without good
· Acting against your instructions
· Causing serious delay
· Acting dishonestly.…read more

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· Delay in dealing with papers
· Poor or inadequate work on a case
· Being rude to a client
· Not knowing a relevant point of law, which a
reasonably competent barrister should have
known.…read more

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How do you make a complaint?
· Firstly try to talk to your Barristers
Chambers if there is a problem. Your Solicitor
could help you with this if you need help.
· If you feel unsatisfied with the way the
Chambers are dealing with the complaint then
you can complain to the Bar Standard Board.…read more

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What Happens Once You Have
Made The Complaint?
· A complaints commissioner examines all the
complaints, he isn't a Lawyer and is
independent on the Bar so he isn't biased.
· Once a complaint is examined he writes to the
Barrister to find out his/her view.
· He then looks at the case again and if it's
serious he will decide to send it off to the
Complaints Committee.…read more

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The Complaints Committee
· The complaints committee reviews the
complaints for the last time and then decides
whether to take disciplinary action.…read more


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