Cold War Stalemate 3

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  • Cold War Stalemate
    • Paris Summit May 1960
      • Khrushchev; deal over Berlin & prohibition of nuclear weapons in the Pacific.
        • He also wanted a ban on nuclear weapons in Germany.
        • China refused to consider itself bound by any agreement it was not involved with.
      • Summit collapsed when American U2 spy plane had been shot down over Soviet Union.
    • Kennedy's Election
      • His agenda stopped peaceful coexistence. Wanted build-up of NATO forces.
      • Increased defence budget and promised more flexible conventional forces.
      • Favoured expansion of USA's nuclear arsenal and submarine force.
      • Refused to compromise on Berlin's status. Berlin symbol of Cold War confrontation.
    • Berlin Wall 1961
      • Soviet troops and East German police began to seal off East Berlin from West Berlin.
      • Dramatically slowed down loss of skilled East Germans and eventually brought it to a complete halt.
      • Trapped East Germans in a communist state.
      • West took no action to stop the wall being built.


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