The Korean War, 1950-3

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  • what happened in Korea pushed the boundaries of the Cold War towards 'warm war'
  • although America and Russia didn't officially clash, client states did that in communist China, encouraged by Russia
  • the country was divided after WW2 into the Russian-backed north and American-backed south
  • each claimed their right to the other half in an attempt to unite them
  • the division was the result of communists occupying the north
  • in June 1950, the north Koreans launched a surprise attack against the south and Seoul fell in three days
  • the United Nations Security Council (which was currently being boycotted by the Russians) asked the UN states to send troops
  • the majority of troops were American (15 nations sent help)
  • command was given to General MacArthur
  •  by the end of August 1950, only Pusan in the south-east…


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