Cognitive approach

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  • Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
    • Distorted thinking
      • Dysfunctional beliefs
        • unhelpful
      • Thinking is based on little or no evidence
      • Conclusion- irrational and not supported by evidence
      • Result- problematic behaviour, fears, anxieties and depression
    • Rational thinking
      • Functional beliefs
        • These are useful and helpful
      • Based on good evidence
      • Conclusions are logical and based on evidence
      • Results- happy competent and effective people
    • Schemas
      • How we mentally organise information
        • About things around us
        • About outselves
      • People with different life experiences have different schemas
      • Memory cant remember everything
        • Schema helps you to understand what to do in particular situations
        • Gives you expectations
        • Used to fill in gaps in the memory
      • Can cause 'Confirmation Bias'
        • When you look for things to confirm your assumption and expectations
    • Advantages
      • Can be combined with behavioural techniques
      • A highly focussed  approach
      • Highly structured approach
      • Educational approach
      • Structured with clear goals
        • Makes sense to a lot of people
      • Relatively quick
        • Cost effective
      • Works well with anxiety/depression
      • Gives people strategies to help themselves
        • Encourages empowerment
    • Disadvantage
      • Deals with symptoms- doesn't look at the underlying cause
      • Clients may not want to talk about problems
      • Only deals with one dysfunctional belief at one time
      • May not be suitable for those with limited language skills
    • ABC
      • B
        • Beliefs about the event
      • A
        • Activating event
      • C
        • Consequences- behaviour or feelings


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