Coastal management strategies

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  • Coastal protection strategies
    • Hard engineering
      • Sea walls
        • coastline shielded by a solid steel concrete with lip at top to throw waves backwards.
      • Cliff fixing
        • dividing iron bars into cliff face to stabilize lose rocks and absorb power of waves.
      • Rip rap
        • Large boulders dumped in-front of a cliff taking force of waves.
      • Gabions
        • Small boulders in a steel mesh absorbing wave energy at a cliff
      • Groynes
        • Wooden or steel breakwaters, right angle to waves preventing sediment movement slowing LSD.
      • Barrages
        • partly submerged wall with sluice gates controlling water flow.
      • Expensive... in one place have consequences. visually impairing.
    • Soft engineering
      • Dune regeneration
        • replace vegetation. selective grazing. Fence off areas. provide walkways. tourist info.
      • Managed retreat
        • Abandoning current line, and developing exposed land. Creating salt marshes are itself own defence.
      • Do nothing
        • does it need to be protected? need to compensate those affected.
      • Regular maintenance. less able to cope with long term extreme events.


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