The Mediterranean-A coastal area under pressure: CASE STUDY



  • The Mediterranean coastal zone includes over 20 countries from three continents and is home to over 160 million people. 
  • In 2003, it was reported that the area had 584 coastal cities.
  • In addition to the residential population, tourists add double to the coastal population in some areas during the summer months. 
  • Tourism is a major economic asset.
  • The growth of coastal tourism and other industries has encouraged the development of roads and urbanisation.

The degredation of the coastal environment

The major environmental pressures are related to the following;

  • The growing population of the coastal area.
  • The development of airports, holiday resorts and general urban sprawl leading to damage to or the disappearance of fragile wetland ecosystems.
  • Poor management of coastal areas leading to change in sediment flows and in addition, the removal of…


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