Coalition (2010-2015)

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  • Coalition (2010-2015)
    • Academies
      • From 2010 schools were encouraged to leave the control of the LEA
      • Funding from LEA budgets was given directly to academies through the central government and they were given control over curriculum
      • Fatest growing type of school
    • Free Schools
      • Set up by parents, teachers, faith organisations or businesses rather than local authority
      • Gives power back to the parents and it gives people opportunities to create a new school if unhappy with their local one
      • Based on Swedish education system - however Allen (2010) shows they only benefit children from highly educated families
      • In Sweden the educational ranking has fallen since the introduction of free schools
    • Fragmented Centralisation
      • Ball (2001) promoting free schools and academies has led to increased fragmentation and centralisation of control over educational provision
      • Fragmentation- The education system has become a patchwork of the diversity in provision (greater inequality of opportunity)
      • Centralisation of Cotrol - Central Government has the power to allow/force a school to become an academy (reduced amount of control of LEAs)
    • Coalition and Inequality
      • Some policies are said to increase inequalities however there are some that prevent it
      • Free School Meals
      • Pupil Premium - Money schools receive from disadvantaged areas
      • OFSTED (2012) found that pupil premium was not always spent on those it was supposed to help
      • Sure Start centres were closed and EMA was abolished
      • Increased university fee to £9000


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