Clinical Characteristics of Schizophrenia

* where it just says 'at least' it's meant to say 'at least 2 symptoms from this list' . For some reason it isn't letting me change it. *

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  • Clinical Characteristics of Schizophrenia
    • Acute
      • obvious signs appear quite suddenly
        • within a few days
      • reason; usually after a stressful event
    • Symptoms of Schizoprenia
      • DSM
        • symptoms to be present for 6 months
      • ICD-10
        • symptoms have to be present for at least a month
      • classifications- ICD-10
        • 1) thought control; delusions of control, influence and passivity; hallucinatory voices; other persistant delusions
          • at least 1 symptom from this list
        • 2) persistent hallucinations;incoherent or irrelevant speech; catatonic behaviour; negative symptoms
          • at least
    • Chronic
      • harmful and subtle changes
      • gradually loses drive
        • months or even years before more obvious signs show
          • harmful and subtle changes


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