Climate Change

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  • Climate Change
    • Patterns of Climate Change
      • Short-term climate change
      • Long-term climate change
    • Strategies used to address climate change
      • Adaption strategies
      • Mitigation strategies
    • Climates and Biomes
      • Overview of biomes and their relationship with climate
      • Overview of Climate
      • Weather and Climate
    • How successful have strategies been
      • Evaluation of attempts to reduce climate change
    • Causes of Climate Change
      • Evidence for climate change and global warming
      • Role of environmental an human factors in climate change
      • Atmospheric processes that result in climate change
    • Issues resulting from climate change
      • Melting glaciers, rising sea levels and its impacts
      • Impacts of climate change on society
      • Increasing levels of extreme weather and its impacts
      • Variation of these impacts in different regions


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