Climate Change - Evidence

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  • Climate Change - Evidence
    • Physical
      • Ice cores
        • Extract cores of ice from ice sheets
          • Ice sheet = made up of a layer per year
        • Analysing gasses trapped when formed
        • High CO2 = Warmer climate
        • More O-16 = Colder
        • More O-18 = Warmer
      • Sea floor sediments
        • Sediment records the chemical composition of seawater
        • Works like ice cores with O-16+O-18
      • Sea level change
        • Melting of land ice
        • Islands being submerged
      • Retreating glaciers
        • Historical photos and position of rocks deposited
        • Distance of rocks from current glacier indicates change
    • Biological
      • Pollen Analysis
        • Preserved in sediment (varves)
        • Look at climate of plants now to find what it was like
      • Coleoptera
        • Beetles preserved in sediments
        • Different species, different climate
      • Tree rings
        • New ring every year
        • Thicker = Warm, wet
        • Show and date climate conditions up to 10000 years ago


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