Global warming in the UK


Global warming in the UK


  • If temperature increases and summer rainfall is to decrease = the UK may benefit from tourism
  • People living in England decide to stay here for holiday as result of rise in temperature e.g. Devon and Cornwall = result in upgrading of traditional seaside towns such as Blackpool and Scarborough as demand for holidays in these areas increase
  • New crops could be grown in warmer climates which supports local produce in Southern England - such as soya, peaches and grapes = less food miles and less imports = less co2 emissions = more eco friendly
  • Less people - especially elderley dying from cold in Winter = less spent on heating also = less living in cold poverty conditions


  • If temperature increases = could be a danger of heatwaves = UK as a country is not prepared for this e.g. no air conditioning
  • Rainfall in summer decreases = crops may not grow as well and productivity decreases = change in prices = may need more imports
  • Droughts may increase so increased need for irrigation systems and water storage schemes
  • Increased rainfall in Winter = increased likelihood of flooding = sea level rise and worst affect places will be areas located on Estuaries e.g. Cardiff = houses, buildings and crops may be lost = people have to relocate
  • Loss of habitat = extinct species and new species move into the UK's warmer temperatures = for example mosquito which may increase spread of malaria


Inevitably, more disadvantages than advantages but there are ways we can benefit and make the most of the climate changes to come.


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