Classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia

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  • Classification and diagnosis of schizophrenia
    • Positive symptoms (occur in short episodes; responds well to medication)
      • Auditory, visual and tactile hallucinations
      • Delusions of grandeur
      • Thought disorders - fear of thoughts being controlled by an external force
    • Negative symptoms (longer episodes; more resistant to medication)
      • Speech poverty - changes in speech patterns; delay in responding
      • Inappropriate emotional response
      • Flat effect "flattening" monotonous tone
      • Avolition; lack of interest and enthusiasm, low socialising and personal hygiene
    • Reliability; consistency of diagnosis
      • DSM has more specific symptoms than ICD; reliability has improved as classification improves; 81% reliable
    • Validity; accurate diagnosis
      • Rosenhan study; low validity due to variety of symptoms
    • Co-morbidity; presence of secondary conditions
      • Hard to differentiate for diagnosis; suggested that they are separate to schizo
    • Culture bias; over-diagnosing those of other cultures
    • Gender bias; diagnostic criteria applied differently for each gender
    • Symptom overlap; symptoms for schizophrenia overlap onto other mental disorders
      • Commonly overlapped with bipolar disorder and autism


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