Class Differences in Education

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  • Class Differences in Education
    • Internal Factors
      • Cultural Deprivation
        • Intellectual Development (Poor children do not receive educational toys or books)
        • Language (Restricted and Elaborated Code)
        • Attitudes and Values (Working class dont have interest and support from their parents)
      • Material Deprivation
        • Housing
        • Diet and Health
        • Financial Support and the cost of education
      • Cultural Captial
        • Bourdieu:three types of cultural capital
        • Gewirtz; marketisation and parental choice
    • External Factors
      • Labelling
        • High and Low Status Knowledge
        • Labelling in Secondary Schools
        • Labelling in Primary Schools
      • The Self-Fulfilling Prophecy
        • Teachers expectations (Rosenthal and Jackson)
        • Streaming
      • Pupil Subcultures
        • Pro-School SubCultures
        • Anti-School Subcultures
      • Marketisation and Selection Policies
        • The A-to-C economy and education triage
        • Competition and Selection


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