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THEME- Social Responsibility

The theme of social resposnsibility is shown in the book in many parts of the book.

Mr.Birling- He thinks that community responsibilty is "nonsence", the intrests of business are more important than workers rights, this is the 1st issue Eva/Daisy faces.

Mrs.Birling- She believes that they have no responisbility to the working class. Her prejudices are so ingrained that they cannot be changed, this is also an issue that Eva/Daisy at the end of the book.

Shelia- She realises that having Eva/Daisy sacked out of spite was irresponsible, but she did not do any thing about it at the time. The Inspector challenges her to improve her behaviour.

Eric- He realises too late that his selfish actions were responsibe for ruining Eva/Dasiy's chances of improving her life.

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THEME- Young & Old

The theme of young & old is shown at the end of the book moslty.

Old: Mr&Mrs.Birling- They didn't take any responsiblity about their part in Eva/Daisy's death, even thought Mrs.Biriling was the last of the Birlings to push her to her death as she used her power to have her claim refused.

Middle: Gerald- When he thinks the Inspector is real and is with the police, he takes full responsibilty but as soon as he goes and asks if he is a real officer, then when he goes back to the Birlings house hold and tells them he was not a real Inspector he goes on with the night as if nothing had happend and he no longer takes responsibility in what he has done.

Young: Shelia&Eric- They take responsibility no matter what situation they are in.

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THEME- Social Class

The theme of social class is shown all thought the whole book.

Working Class: Eva/Daisy, she works to live and earn money. The types of jobs that the working class would have would be: factory workers, and things like that.

Middle Class: The Birlings, only the males work to earn money for the family. The typs of jobs that the middle class would have would be: lawyers, factory owners.

Upper Class: Gerald, they don't have to work loads as they inherit money from family. They will often not work or they will and it would be owners of things.

The Birlings think that social class is all that matters.

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Mr. Birling QUOTES

  • "Giving us the port, Edna?"- Act 1
  • "Unsinkable, absolutely unsinkable"- Act 1
  • "Still, I can't accept any responsibility"- Act 1
  • "it's my duty to keep labour costs down"- Act 1
  • "Nothing to do with you"- Act 1
  • "I refused, of course" - Act 1
  • "I've told you before, I don't like your tone nor the way you're handling this inquiry"- Act 2
  • "that when this comes out at the inquest, yhis isn't going to do use much good"- Act 2
  • "Don't talk to me like that"- Act 2
  • "Why, you hysterical young fool- get back- or I'll"- Act 3
  • "I'de give thousands- yes, thousands"- Act 3
  • "You're the one I blame for this" to Eric- Act 3
  • "I've learnt plenty tonight"- Act 3
  • "(exciedly) By jingo! A fake!"- Act 3
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Mrs. Birling QUOTES

  • "Arthur, you're not supposed to say such things"- Act 1
  • "You'll have to get used to that, just as I had"- Act 1
  • "Women of the town?"- Act 2
  • "It's disgustiing to me"- Act 2
  • "naturallt that was one of the things that prejuucied me against her case"- Act 2
  • "But I thinm she had only herself to blame"- Act 2
  • "Simply because I've done noting wrong, and you know it"-Act 2
  • "In the morning they'll be as amused as we are"- Act 3
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  • "Yes, go on, mummy"- Act 1
  • "You're squiffy"- Act 1
  • "Pretty?"- Act 1
  • "But these girls aren't cheap labour- they're people"- Act 1
  • "So I'm really responsible"- Act 1
  • "You must have adored it"- Act 2
  • "I rather respect you more than I've evere done before"- Act 2
  • "Mother, I think it was cruel and vile"- Act 2
  • "You don't seem to have learnt anything" to Mr.Birling- Act 3
  • "I suppose we're all nice people noe"- Act 3
  • "You're pretending every thing's just as it was brefore"- Act 3
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  • "Suddenly I felt I just had to laugh"- Act 1
  • "It isn't if you can't go and work someone else"- Act 1
  • "What about war?"- Act 1
  • "Can't blame her"- Act 1
  • "You know: don't you"- Act 3
  • "I was in a hell of a state"- Act 3
  • "Because you're not the kind of father a chap could go to when he's in trouble- that's why"- Act 3
  • "You killed them both- damn you, damn you" - Act 3
  • "I'll bet I am"- Act 3
  • "We did her in all right"- Act 3
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  • "And I've told you- I was awfully busy at the works all that time"- Act 1
  • "Oh- I say- congratulations"- Act 1
  • "Absolutley first-class"- Act 1
  • "I believe you're right, sir"- Act 1
  • "You couldn't have done anything else"- Act 1
  • "(startled) What?"- Act 1
  • "the Inspector knows all that. And I don't know think its a very good idea to remind him"- Act 2
  • "I've suddenly realized- taken it in properly- that she's dead"- Act 2
  • "You know, it wasn't disgusting"- Act 2
  • "Was it a hoax?"- Act 3
  • "But how do you know it's the same girl?"- Act 3
  • "that may have been all nonsense"- Act 3
  • "Everythin's all right now, Shelia. What about this ring?"- Act 3
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