AIC- Sheila

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    • ACT 2
      • Accepts responsibility
        • ...‘I’m desperately sorry’
          • This suggests that she feels guilty about what she did.
        • ‘...At least I’m trying to tell the truth’
      • Intelligent
        • ‘You mustn’t try to build up a kind of wall between us and that girl... the Inspector will just break it down.’
          • Sheila wants her mother to stop trying to use her class to separate her and Eva.
    • ACT 3
      • Accepts responsiblity
        • ‘But now you’re beginning to pretend all over again’
          • Trying to get her family to take responsibility for actions.
      • Non-conforming to gender stereotypes
        • ‘[bitterly] I suppose we’re all nice people now.’
          • Women at the time were not supposed to voice their opinion.
    • THEMES
      • Responsibility
        • Accepts her responsibility straight away
          • ‘I felt rotten about it at the time’
          • Priestley is trying to show that people should be more like Sheila, accepting of responsibility .
      • Gender
        • Refuses to conform to gender stereotypes
          • ‘I don’t believe I will’
            • Priestley is showing that women have and can make a difference in society.
      • Class
        • Abuses power-gets Eva fired. Spoilt
          • ‘I told him that this girl had been very impertinent’
          • Priestley is trying to show how people shouldn’t use their power to get what they want
      • Age
        • ‘[miserably] So I’m really responsible?
          • Older gen don’t accept responsibility
        • Priestley is trying to show that young people can make a difference in society


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