Rave key words

These cards are so i can learn the key words and the meaning and the views on christians and roman catholics and thier diffrences.

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Religion key words

Community cohesion- common vision and shared sense of belonging for all groups in soceity.

Ethnic Minority- a member of a group that is much smaller than the majority.

Rascim- Belief some races are superior to others

Religious plurism- accepting all religions have the right to coexsit

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Religion views

sex discrimination is illegal 

ways they have come more eqaul include;

  • sex discrimation act and the equal pay act making it illegal to discriminate agaisnt someone because of their gender and making it illegal to pay men and women diffrently.


  • political parties have 'women only' shortlists for candidates to increase the number of women MP's.










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