Christian beliefs about marriage

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  • Christian beliefs about Marriage
    • No external change by two people become a union of body and mind to create a loving stable environment
    • Symbol of change as promises are made and vows are taken in Gods presence
    • By betraying the vows of a marriage through adultery you betray your faith in God and his teachings
    • Some Christians recognise that marriages can become destructive to the people involved and a divorce may be unavoidable (C of E)
    • ROMAN CATHOLICS -Believe in natural law. Marriage is for pro-creation, containment of sin and companionship. It can not and should not be undone through divorce
    • Marriage should be joyful and precious for those committing themselves and demands fathfullness
    • It should take place in a church, chapel or other registered building
    • It is the mutual love and commitment of a man and a woman
    • Marriage is a religious sacrament to reflect an inward state of grace and holiness


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