Premarital and Extramarital (sexual ethics)

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For philosophers, it is very difficult to give a precise perspective of what morally is correct or incorrect without approaching it from either a relative or absolutist perspective. These two issues need to be explored from both perspectives and placed in proper context. I will explore these different views by referring to traditional christian perspectives, liberal christian perspectives and secular perspectives.

Premarital sex

  • This subject is one that has become blurred in recent years. This is because of the changes in social and cultural attitudes. Phrases such as "living in sin" don't have the same impact or meaning for western societies that they did in the latter part of the 20th century.
  • The root of the issue would seem to rest on whether sex should only take place within a marriage.

Traditional Christian Perspectives

  • The principles of the bible suggest that sex is for married couples only, and only reserved for heterosexual relationships.
  • Roman Catholicism teaches that the joy and purpose of sex is to be found within the bonds of marriage. Having sexual intercourse is part of the promise and commandment of God as found in genesis, "go fourth and multiply".
  • Conservative Protestants have similar beliefs to Roman Catholics and emphasise the security that marriage brings in ensuring that the consequences of sex (pleasure and pro-creation) are morally acceptable.

Liberal Christian Perspectives

  • They encourage sex whislt married however they realise that emotions and desires may sometimes get the better of us.
  • If the relationship id committed and strong, then some Christians wouldn't condemn pre marital sex…


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