The challenge of secularisation



  • Psychologist
  • Religion = 'mass destruction' and infatile
  • Product of wish fullfillment 
  • Vunderability as a child = ok, as an adult = they can'tcope so they invent a God 
  • Christians wish there was a purpose in life and absolute morals = so they transfer these wishes to beliefs
  • Religion represses desires = sexual violence, theft and murder
  • It is unhealthy and causes war and conflict


  • Could be right religion appeals to the vunerable
  • Evidence that people think God = 'super human' (example = feminsts argue men have given God male characteristics)
  • Many religious believers = strong & corageous in standing up for their beliefs
  • Demands of a christian life = difficult rather than comfortable (Bonhoeffer costly grace)


  • Scientist who criticises religion
  • Book = 'The God Delusion (2006) = Godis damaging for society & intellectual progress
  • Human life = meaningful without religion
  • Religion is responsible for war & conflict in modern world and history
  • It discourages sicientific enquiry by allowing a lazy mindset that claims its a 'divine mystery'
  • Bringing children up within religion = pyschological abuse as they do not undertand (abuse by christian priests & nuns)
  • It is repressive, singles out religious dress codes as an example of the repression for women (burqa)


  • Some Christians = see religion/science as opposite & oppose theory of evolution in schools
  • Some acts of war & terrorism = because of religious disagreements
  • Can be repressive for women (feminists)


  • Keeping children…


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