Shi'a Islam

Differences of Shi'a Islam from Sunni Islam, including Practices, Beliefs, Law, Imams and Festivals

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  • Shi'a Islam
    • Pillars
      • Shahada has 'and Ali is God's Friend' added on the end
      • Prostrate in Prayer onto baked mud from Kabala
      • Only have to pray 3 times a day and Al-Jummah are not compulsory
      • Zakah is paid straight to Mujtahid not the state
      • Day of Mourning 20th Ramadan at the death of Ali
      • Fast until sun has completely set (A qur'anic interpretation from the Imams
      • Have additional pilgrimages to Kabala and Imam tombs
      • Jihad is considered to be the 6th Pillar - Links to Martyrdom?
    • Beliefs
      • God hs no Physical attributes
      • Mahdi will return on the last day and Hasan has atoned for our sins
      • Imams belief could contribute to Shirk
      • Qu'ran isn't eternal or final because Imams can interpret it
        • Ayatollahs can now communicate with Mahdi to get hidden meanings
    • Imams
      • Ali should have been 1st Caliph as he was a divinely appointed Imam
      • Up to 12 Divinely appointed Imams
        • 1. Ali, 2.Hasan, 3.Husyan, 4.Zayn Ali-l'abedin, ... 6.Jafar-l-sidiq, 7. Musa, ... 12.Muhammad al-mantazar
      • 1. Ali, 2.Hasan, 3.Husyan, 4.Zayn Ali-l'abedin, ... 6.Jafar-l-sidiq, 7. Musa, ... 12.Muhammad al-mantazar
      • 'He who does not know the Imam of his age, dies the death of a heathen' (Shi'a Hadith)
      • Have divine powers - perform Miracles, change destiny etc.- Is this Shirk??
      • Last Imam is in hidding - the Mahdi
      • First 11 were martyred
    • Al Ashura
      • 10th Muharren - Mourning martyrdom of Husyan at Kabala
      • Pilgrimage to Kabala
      • Fasting, self sacrifice and Punishment
      • Some Shi'as claim Jihad on Festival
      • Women use to throw self on pyres but now just their wedding rings as a sacrfice
    • Law
      • Only follow the Shar'ah
      • Ijtihad is open because the Qur'an is not final
      • Only accept Hadiths that have an Insad through Ali
        • Use Hadiths of Ali also
      • No meat can be prepared by a Christian or a Jew
      • Taqiyyia: Shi'as can marry or pretend to be Christian or Sunni for their protection
        • 'If a believer utters a word of unbelief - except under compulsion ... will face a painful torment' (Sura 16:106)
      • Muta Marriages (Temporary) allowed
        • 'Muta saves the honur of men and women' (Momen)
        • Sunnis argue it is lustful - Umar opposed it but Ali supported ***
        • Issues in modern day for exploitation of women and trafficking people


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This is great!! Do you have the same resource for Sunni?

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