Christian beliefs on relationshippy stuff

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  • Christian Beliefs about...
    • Relationships
      • 'increase in number'- Genesis
      • Life- long, eternal
        • Adultery is wrong- 10 commandments
    • Sex before marriage
      • Anglicans and Roman Catholics= wrong
        • 'Flee from sexual immorality'- St.Paul
      • Liberal Christians= expression of love
      • Christians= spreads STIs
    • Contraception
      • Roman Catholics= breaks natural law
      • Anglicans= against coil, develop relationship
    • Homosexuality
      • Christianity= goes against God's plan
        • God created a variety of sexualities like the variety of nature
    • Divorce
      • Roman Catholics= cannot be broken, can get an annulment
        • Jesus taught that anyone who divorced and remarried commits adultery
  • Life- long, eternal
    • Adultery is wrong- 10 commandments


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