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Jesus heals the paralysed man

Summary: Jesus heals the Paralysed man :One day Jesus heals a paralysed man after seeing the faith of the four men who a lowered him down through the roof of a house Jesus was preaching in.

Conflict: Jesus says to the man "Your sins are forgiven" On hearing this the teachers of the law were shocked and angered because only God can forgive sins and so Jesus seems to have blasphemned.Jesus responds: He changes his statement by telling the man to get up take his mat and follow him. He also refers to himself as the son of man and thus avoided trouble.

Christians today

  • Catholics believe that priests can forgive sins because they act in the place of Jesus. This happens in a confession box.
  • . Christians believe God still heals people. Jesus told his disciples to heal the sick... and this still happens today.
  • There are many claims of healing through out time right up to today.
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Disagreement about the Sabbath.

Summary : Jesus is out with his disciples and picks grain (work) to make food on the the sabbath(this is the holy day of worship). Another sabbath day Jesus again breaks the law about working on the Sabbath when he healed a man

Conflict in Both stories. The Pharisees are very angry because Jesus' followers are breaking one of the nost important rules in the Jewish religion. You are not allowed to do anything on the Sabbath. Jesus responds by using scripture to back up his actions. (king David went into the temple and ate the holy bread as they were so hungry). Jesus is saying that these religious laws are supposed to help people and not hinder them. He said "the Sabbath is made for man not man for the Sabbath"

Christians today

  • Some do not work on Sunday's out of respect for God. They believe it's a day for being with friends and family.
  • Other Christians believe that there is nothing wrong with it. However, not working on holy days might cause people to lose their job if their employer wants them to work on the day of worship
  • . England is also a multi faith society and so it would have to observe other rules from other religions. This would have a terrible effect on income for people and the nation.
  • If you support this for one religion you must do the same for the rest


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The trouble with the law 1 and 2

Summary Ritual cleaning: A routine all Jews must complete before eating. A way of washing the hands so as to prevent badness going into one's body. Jesus eats without washing his hands according to the laws of Judaism.

Conflict: The Pharissees are so very angry because Jesus and his followers have yet again broken an important part of their religion. Jesus' responds and refers to them as hypocrits. He pointed out that these rules were made by man not God. There are over six hundred rulesTin the torah today. The ten commandments on the other hand are simple and accepted to be directly for God.FInally, Jesus uses an example to suppot his attitude towards the P/S. Corban is the practice of giving money to the temple. Many Jews used it to get out of taking care of their parents as they claimed they didnt have enough money to do both.

Christians today

  • C's believe that people should be treated with love and dignity regardless of the religion.
  • The Christian faith teaches that making money illegally is always wrong.
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Jesus predicts his passion

Summary : On a number occasions Jesus tells his disciples about his future regarding his suffering and death. Each time he does this he adds a little more detail.

Conflict: The conflict here is with Peter. He rebukes (to give out) Jesus because he is so upset at the idea of losing the man who is supposed to make the Jews a great nation again by kicking ouft the Romans. Jesus' response: He calls Peter Satan and tells him to get behind. Jesus points out that Peter's mind is not like Jesus'.

Christians today:

  • believe that Jesus' knowledge of his future shows that he is the Messiah.
  • Christians believe that Jesus came back to life and went to heaven.
  • Christians believe that when they die they will, like Jesus, go to heaven.
  • Christians believe in the resurrection
  • Christians believe that you have to trust God even when you think he is not helping the way you think he should.
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Jesus enters Jerusalem

Jesus sends his disciples to get a donkey colt. He rides in and is welcomed by huge crowds shouting Hosanna'/blessed is he who comes in the name of the lord. He does this to fulfill the old testament prophesy about the messiah.

Conflict: The pharisees believe that Jesus is intentionally suggesting that is is this messiah ans so they are so very angry at the amount of people who go out to meet him. This conflict shows how jealous they are. The people generally came to them as the authority about the the religious law and now they are looking to this wandering preacher from Nazereth riding in on a donkey..(THIS IS NOT THE KIND OF MESSIAH THEY WANT)

Christians today:

  • believe that Jesus is the real Messiah promised to the Jewish people and written about in the OT by God.
  • Jesus' humility is attractive to people who know they can turn to him in times of trouble.
  • Christians believe that Jesus will come back again and so they prepare to give him the same welcome as he received from the jews.
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Jesus clears out the temple

Summary : Jesus goes into the temple and gets very angry with the people who are using this his fathers house as a market. HE overturns the tables and money changers and uses a quote from the old testament to condemn them "my house wil be called a house of prayer for all nations but you have turned it into a den of robbers" After this action the teachers of the law begin to plot to kill him.

Conflict: Jesus was offeneded because the temple was used to make money. He also said that the place should be for everyone and the P/S believed that it was only for Jews. They are so angry because he takes it in to his own hands to point these things out. They also knew that this is one of the first actions the new Messiah would take. They hate Jesus and will never accept that this carpenter from Nazerth could be the saviour of Israel.

Christians today; (Religions should not make money of People) E.G. Benny hinn... Makes millions from preaching and pretending to heal people.

  • Jesus words are so important for people today as he suggests that all people regardless of their religion or backround are welcomed by God.
  • This belief is vital for community life today especially because of the evil that comes from religious division..... e.g. Muslims in england are discriminated because of their beliefs.
  • Christians believe that like Jesus one has to sometimes fight for justice and peace in the world.
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who's in authority here

Summary and conflict

The P/S/Tof L try to trap Jesus by asking where he gets his authority. They want him to say that he is the son of God so they can accuse him of Blasphemy. He gets out of this trap by answering their question with a question. He asks them to tell him if John's baptiam was from men or from God. They know that if they say from men the people who believed that it was from heaven will turn against them so they say the do not know...and jesus says well then I wont tell you the answer to your question.

Christians today

  • sometimes find it difficult to know which authority in life to obey. If the goverment of a country wants to go to war but their religion tells them that this is wrong. The question is... who is truly in authority.... the state of God..??
  • Some Christians believe that they should keep religion and politics separate.
  • Other Christians believe that you should always follow the law of the land regardless of personal faith.
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A taxing question

Summary : This is the second time the p/s/t of l try to catch Jesus out. They ask him if it is right to pay taxes to Ceaser. He asks them why are they trying to trick him. He gets a Roman coin and asks they people whose face is on this. They answer that it is Caesar's. He tells them to give to Caesar what is caesara and give to Gods what is God's.

Conflict: They are trying to get Jesus in trouble with the Jewis people or with the Romans. If he says pay taxes, the people will think he supports the Romans. If he says do not pay... the Romans may arrest him.

Christians today:

  • sometimes find it difficult to know which authority in life to obey. If the goverment of a country wants to go to war but their religion tells them that this is wrong. The question is... who is truly in authority.... the state of God..??
  • Some Christians believe that they should keep religion and politics separate.
  • Other Christians believe that you should always follow the law of the land regardless of personal faith.
  • SOme CHristians believe that they have an obligation to be active in political life in order to try to bring Gods laws into society.
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Jesus' argument with the Sadducees

Complete this card

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Expensive perfume at Bethany

Summary : Jesus is at the house of a leper called simon. He is sitting down when a woman comes to him with a Jar of very expensive perfume, breaks it and pours it's contents over his head.

Conflict is between those watching are shocked and ask why has she just wasted such expensive stuff. It was worth a years wages and they believed it would have been better spent on the poor. She is rebuked by those watching but Jesus explains that what she did was prophetic. She was preparing his body for burial.

Christians today.

  • This story is so importanat as it refers to the greatest act of the Messiah, mainly dying for humanity.
  • His death gives hope and comfort to people who are suffering in life and to those who are afraid to die. It is the hearth of the Christian religion
  • . In this story Jesus again is with the outcasts and the lepers. Jesus loves those who nobody else loves. \all are welcome, all are envited.
  • Note: Many believe that women should be allowed to become priests as women in the Bible seem to understand who Jesus truly is before the men...!!
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The plot to kill Jesus

Summary : Jesus is in his final days. He is at dinner with his disciple. He knows that Judas has gone and made a deal withe teachers of the law and is going to betray him

Conflict: Judas has betrayed Jesus and will later lead the teachers of the law to capture his teacher. It takes place at the last supper. Jesus tells his disciples what will happen. Each ask Jesus if it is him but Jesus says it will be the man who dips his bread in the same dish at the same time. It is Judas. Jesus also explains that it would be better if the man who betrays him had never been born.

Christians today

  • Christians look at this story and are once again reminded that Jesus new the future. Only God knows the future and so.. they beleve that this story supports Jesus being divine.
  • Christians see themselves in the disciples. Everyone denies God at times because of sin.
  • Christians believe that God forgives any sin if the person is truly sorry.
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how can refering to himself as the son of man stop him from getting into trouble surely thats blashpeming??



well bob, everything works because he is Jesus!

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