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Divorce and remariage


Jesus said no divorce ever.

No divorce Except if someone is unfaithful.

Let no "Person separate what God has Put together"

Catholic Church

Divorce is never allowed - You can never break up a marriage.

Sometimes two people have to separate but are still married in the eyes of God.

Legally you can get divorced but marriage is in the eyes of God.

Church Of England

Divorce is always sad but sometimes neccessary.

A couple cant remarry in a church unless the vicor says it is okay.

The vicar can also allow a church wedding if he things the couple will take the christian marriage seriously.


Annulment is when a statement that the marriage was never real,e.g paid to get married,immagrants wants to stay.

If you can prove that the marriage was fake then the church will forget the marriage took place.


means having an affiar/cheating.

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Evaluating christian views on divorce and remarria


The partner has done something really bad e.g cheat,abuse,arguments.

The couple cant work/save their marriage

Cant trust the partner after what he/she has done

The marriage wasnt real


Religion views for example in the bible it says "let no person serparate what God has put together"

If you get divorced then remarried it is basically cheating on your first wife/husband

Even if your divorced your still married in the eyes of God

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Evaluating christian views on divorce and remarria

If a christian was having trouble in their marriage what could they do to save it?

talk to each other about the problems

go marriage conceling

ask family for advice who has expirence

have a break from each other

ask advice from different couple who had have the same problem

ask priest for advice

use confession

pray together

Counselling services


marriage care

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The christian view on remarriage is old fashioned

bible was written along time ago

A.the bible was written by God is normal people these days to get married

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civil parnership


Relationship-A bond between people doesnt neccessarly have to be good

society-people who are around you-the wider public

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Christians and marriage


is when two people-woman and male commit themselfs to each other legally

Is the legal joining together of a man and a woman


A wedding describes the celebration of marriage

The service/party etc

Christians belief that they should show the four differnet loves in the best way possible

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Why do people get married?

They love each other

To show commitment and trust in their relationship


To express their love in the ultermate way

To start a family

They want to live together for life

they wont be lonely

What might happen in a christian marriage preparation class?

Advice on marriage

Day to Day routine-whats going to happen

Vows-promsie to each other



How to deal with issues

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Christian views

2 become 1

For this reason a man will leave his father and mother,to be united to his wife,and the two will become one flesh

What God has joined togther let no person separate

        Permantly                                 Nothing on earth

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christian teachings found in the marriage ceremony

Mariage Ceremony

In with the dad-out with the husband      - Two become 1 one

Priests explain marriage-God is part of the marriage

Rings-Belong to each other/forever/precious metal

Prayers/Hymns-God is part of the marriage

Signing of the registers

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Civil Partnership

What is Civil Partnership?

Same sex couple have the same legal rights as a married couple




A relationship with the same gender


A relationship with different gende

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Homosexuality is absolutly wrong

If you are gay or lesbian it is not the will of God

Bible says "Do not lie with a man as one lies with a woman;that is datestable (leviticus 18:22)

Some christians might say that God judges gays and might of sent AIDS

It is natrual for some one to be homesexual,but homosexual sex is not acceptable

People cant controll their feelings but can controll their actions

All people are made in the image of God

The church utterly condemns all forms of unjust discrimination,violence.horrasament or abuse directed against people who are homosexual.(catholic church)

Sex should be about openness to having children as well as intimacy(closeness)

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Homosexuals (cont)

Homosexual relationships should be judged just like any other relationship

You cant have different rules for different people,love is love,and its natrual for humans to express this love.

The Bible is against homosexuality becasue thats was the culture of the time

quakers fully accept homosexual relationships and allow gays and lesbians to hold marriage services in their meetins.

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Christian teachings about Men and Woman

Family is when you related by blood

Bible teachings about men and woman

Eve was made to help Adam

Men and woman made in the image of God(equal)

Wives submit to your husbands

Husbands love your wives,as christ loved the church

He must manage his own family well and see that his children obey him with proper respect

Husband love your wives and do not be harsh with them

In the same way,their wives are to be woman worthy of respect,not malious talkers but temparate and trustworthy in everthing

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Men and woman in the family

Some christians think that the bible is the word of God and is always they would say that husbands are more important than wives.Bieing a mother is as important as a husband.

Some christians think that the bible was written a long time ago and so we should be allowed to make it they would say that husbands and wives are equal(just like in society)


  • what works for your family is right
  • Any woman who chooses to make her career bieing a mother deserves equal respect
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The roles of woman and men in the church

"should men and woman have the same role doing christain stuff in the church"

Yes,because men adn woman are equal so they should have the right to do both men or woman roles in the church,woman was made to help men.

No,because people believe that a woman cant do a mans job.woman and men have a different nature and charaistic.Jeus had male diciplese in the bible we only have men doing that job.

In The bible woman were in charge of the church first.

What the bible says; MEN AND WOMAN ARE DIFFERENT

Woman should remain silent in the churches.If they want to ask about something.they should ask their husbands at home

I do not allow a woman to teach man

Its not good for a man to be alone.I will make a helper to suit him.

Jesus' Diciples were all male

What the bible says:MEN AND WOMAN ARE THE SAME

The bible sows us that woman in charge of the first churches

Mary was the first to know about Jesus' resscurection,this tells us that woman are accually important.

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