Christian attitudes to infertility treatments

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  • Christian attitudes to infertility treatments
    • Roman Catholic: No one has the right to have children. Only allow methods which do not threaten the sacredness of life and in which sex acts are natural so methods that use medical technologies are banned
      • IVF involves fertilising several eggs and the ones that aren't needed are discarded which is like abortion which is banned
      • All forms of AI and surrogacy involve masturbation by the male which is considered to be a sin
      • All forms of fertility treatments involve fertilisation outside of the sex act. God intended procreation to be a part of the sex act
    • Other Christians allow IVF and AIH
      • Good use of technology. One of the main purposes of marriage is to have children
      • Egg and sperm are from the husband and wife so the offspring are biologically related to the parents
      • Discarded embryos are not foetuses and their destruction can be justified by the double doctrine effect- intention to produce children for childless couple not to kill embryos
      • Other methods could cause problems for the child in terms of their identity and legal problems about exactly who the parents are


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