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  • 8.2
    • How beliefs on stewardship affect Christian attitudes to the environment
      • Try to reduce pollution and leave it in a better state
      • Try to help people in LEDCs- shared fairly
      • Support conservation groups
      • Only by being a good steward that a Christian becomes good
    • How Islamic teachings affect attitude to the environment
      • Being God's khalifah they should try to reduce pollution
      • Help people in LEDCs to share resources fairly- shariah
      • Judgement Day means they will help to conserve resources (to get into heaven)
      • Teachings on unity and balance means they will preserve the environment
    • Infertility Treatments
      • Why infertility treatments are important
        • 12.5% of UK couples have fertility problems
        • 1.5 million UK men have fertility problems
        • It is human nature to want to have children
        • Can suffer from depression if infertile
      • Catholics
        • IVF uses eggs. Some are thrown away. This is viewed as abortion
        • Surrogacy involves male masturbation-which is a sin
      • Other Christians (IVF and AIH)
        • Technology allows people to have children, which is the purpose of Christian marriage
        • Egg and sperm from parents, so baby is biologically theirs
      • Islam
        • Most accept IVF and AIH
          • It is a form of medicine that allows a family, which is expected in Islam
          • Husband and wife give egg and sperm, so baby is theirs
        • Other types of embryo technology are banned because
          • Deny a child the right to know its parents. Essential in Islam
          • Egg or sperm donation is adultery
    • Why transplant surgery is important
      • Cures life threatening diseases
      • Could save over 4000 extra lives each year
      • Need for transplants rises by 8% each year
      • Lets people help others even after they die
      • Christian Attitudes
        • MOST agree
          • Believe in immortality of the soul. body parts not needed
          • 'Love thy neighbour'
        • Against  organs from dead people...
          • Taking things from dead people can be 'playing God'
        • Some don't agree at all
          • Takes away idea of 'sanctity of life'
          • Seen as playing God
      • Muslim Attitudes
        • Most are against
          • Shariah says nothing should be taken from a body after death
          • Acting like God is 'shirk' (most serious sin)
        • Some allow from living organ donor
          • Some Muslim lawyers said it is allowed
          • Islam aims to do good and doesn't want to burden people


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