Different attitudes to infertility treatments among Christians

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Different attitudes to infertility treatments Chri

Main Points

There are two different Christian views on infertility

The Catholic view

Catholocs believe that life given by God and that no one has a right to children. The Catholic Church wants to help infertile couples, but only allows methods which do not affect the sancity of life and in which sex acts are natural. Therefore all treatments involving medical technology are banned becasue:

  • IVF involves fertilising several eggs, some of which are thrown away or used for experimentation. The Catholoc Church believes that this is the same as abortion which the Church bans
  • All forms of artifical insemination or surrogacy involove the sin of male masturbation
  • All forms of embryo technology involove fertilisation being seperated from sex, but God intended procreation to be a part of sex

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Different attitudes to infertility treatments Chri

Other Christian Churches

The other Christian Churches allow IVF and AIH because:

  • One of the purpose of Christian marriage is to have children, so infertility treatments must be good
  • In these treatments, the baby will be the biological offspring of its mother and father
  • The discarded embryos are not foetuses and so life is not being taken

They do not ban other infertility treatments, but are worried becasue they involve problems of who the parent is and could lead to problems for the children as to who they are.

All Christians would encourage childless couples to adopt.

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