Christian attitudes to divorce

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  • Christian attitudes to divorce
    • Catholics - no divorce or re - marriage because marriage is a sacrament in which couples stay together until death do them part
      • Jesus banned divorce in St Mark's gospel
      • When people marry they make a covenant with God which cannot be broken without God's consent
      • Marriage cannot be dissolved so it is not possible to gain a religious divorce
      • If a Catholic remains married they cannot re- marry as this would make them a bigamist
      • An annulment can take place if it can be proven that the marriage was not consummated (the couple did not have sex) or that the marriage was not a true Christian marriage
    • Most Protestants and Orthodox Christians disapprove of divorce but believe if a marriage goes wrong and there is no chance of bringing it back together then divorce can be permitted
      • God is always prepared to forgive sins
      • Jesus allows divorce for adultery
      • In certain situations the lesser of two evils must be done
      • It is better to divorce than to live in hatred and quarrel all the time


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