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  • religion and life MARRIAGE AND THE FAMILY divorce
    • christian beliefs
      • not all marriages work and god already knows your plan so is forgiving
      • if the family are unhappy then it may be the lesser of two evils
      • roman catholics do not accept it and believe if you remarry and have sex it is adultery as you were bound to that person
    • muslim attitudes
      • for
        • qur'an and shari'ah law allow divorce and they are the words of allah
        • may be the best thing for the children as they are most important
        • there could be abuse in the marriage
      • against
        • family life is the most important aspect of islam. Muhammad said it was the most hated act.
        • divorce harms children and on the last day they will be judged on how they treated them
        • divorce goes against Allah plans


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