Chemistry C1 AQA GCSE Triple award Part 4

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  • Chemistry C1 AQA GCSE Triple Award part 4
    • getting metals from rocks
      • ores contain enough metal to make extraction worthwhile
        • a metal ore is a rock which contains enough metal to make it worth extracting
        • in many cases an ore is an oxide of teh metal
        • most metals require a chemical reaction to extract them
        • the profitability of the metal may change over time
          • value goes down
            • if the price of metal drops,
          • value increases
            • if price increases, as technology improves we may be able to extract even more metal
      • metals being extracted from their ores chemically
        • some ores have to be concentrated before extraction
          • this only involves disposing of unwanted rocky matierial
        • electrolysis can be used to purify the metal
      • some metals are extracted by reduction with carbon
        • when an ore is reduced oxygen is removed
        • the position of metal on the reactivity scale determines whether it can be extracted using reduction
          • if its higher than carbon you have to use electrolysis
          • metals below carbon can be extracted using reduction
      • some metals are extracted using electrolysis
        • metals that are more reactive than carbon have to be extracted using this
        • this is expensive because it uses alot of energy
      • copper is purified using electrolysis
        • this creates pure copper which is conductive
        • alot more expensive than reduction
        • reduction creates impure copper which isn't a good conductor
      • electrolysis means 'splitting up with electricity'
        • electrons are taken away at the (positive) anode and given away at the (negative) cathode
        • the electrolytes have free ions which conduct the electricity
        • it requires a liquid to conduct electrolysis (electrolytes)
          • these are usually metal salt solutions from the ore or molten metal oxides
      • electrolysis of copper
        • diagram copper electrolysis


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