GCSE AQA Chemistry - Crude Oil

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Crude oil is formed from the buried remains of plants and animals - it's a fossil fuel. Over millions of years, the remains turn into crude oil, which can be extracted by drilling and pumping.

Crude Oil is a mixture of hydrocarbons 

1) A mixture consists of two (or more) elements or compounds that aren't chemically bonded to each other.

2) Crude oil is a mixture of many different compounds. Most of the compounds are hydrocarbon molecules.

3) Hydrocarbons are basically fuels such a petrol and diesel. They're made of just carbon and hydrogen.

4) There are no chemical bonds between the different parts




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Although it would be worth mentioning the properties of long- and short-chain hydrocarbons as they normally ask these in a crude oil question:

Short-chain: Low boiling point; high volatility; low viscosity; highly flammable.

Long-chain: High boiling point; low volatility; high viscosity; burns with a black smoke.

nevertheless, this is a really great resource :D



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